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I started my career as web-designer in 1998. Thatís why I spent a lot of time in the field of web-marketing, promoting my clientís and my own projects. I started my first project in 1997. I worked as Product Manager, Chief Sales Office, Chief Marketing Officer in different companies, from small consulting company to large heavy machinery plant. Was at the head of different departments, worked with programmers, designers, copywriters, ad managers. I had to work as each of them. This very experience allows me to view problems form different angles.

I worked at different markets on different levels. I worked with local, national and international markets. I worked with different companies, from small local ones to big enterprises and government.

Iím entrepreneur. I founded Internet Ad Agency in 1999. Iím CEO of small software company offering SaaS (Software as a Service) products.

Iím expert in marketing and B2B sales. Iím startuper, I like to work with new products, new project that are not mature yet.