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Reasonably harmful, with light introversive communicative-social disadaptation. That's ok for people who spend a lot of time in the world of computers though. Drastic purposefulness helps him to get the bucks from the reality. Higher creativity along with the sense of humor.

Dmitry Shabaev, NLP Master

Stubborn, never give up, know how to gain his end. Sociable, sometimes too much especially when reaches creativity peak. Self-possessed , but can kick the ass if you made him angry.

Nick, ex-colleague

Extremely professional. Always keeps given promises, don't take project that cannot complete.

Sergey Nickolaychenko, entrepreneur

Professional. Perfectly works in a team, can organize team work in accordance with possibilities and competence of each person. At the same time he always can help and advise on (but not only) technical topic.

Alexander, ex-colleague

Interesting person. Knows how to reach a goal. Can negotiate. He has valuable qualities that I tried to adopt.

Dmitry, ex-colleague, Project Manager

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